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A Legacy of Relationship

We stepped onto Pine Valley property almost 30 years ago now. Yes, that is almost three decades! At 32 and 33-years-old, Mr. Matt and I brought our five little kids along to follow God's call to this place. I stepped into the old lodge/dining hall that stood in the center where all camp activities took place and, upon looking around, I decided that it looked so bad that it should be the first thing to go!

Today, as I drive down into our valley full of mud and machinery, I can watch the miracle of the new foundation finally being put in for the new Legacy Dining Hall. God, in His rich mercy to us, does not allow us to see into the future. I am 60 now and had my 32-year-old self known it would take 30 years, I might have quit. But restoring broken things and building new things takes time. The same is true in people.

Many new things have been built on this property in the years that have passed, but none of those things even comes close to the value of the relationships that have been built in this place. I believe that the Lord was far more concerned about us building relationships over the years than buildings. Now there is no doubt that this dining hall building will allow us to build more relationships and meet needs and to do all that even better than before. But the irony is that the relationships that have been built over the years ultimately brought us the people and the resources we need to raise up these buildings!

It is people doing the work of the Lord to reach the lost that is the true Legacy here. The years here have been full of both tragedies and triumphs and watching this building going up feels a bit triumphant. But if you asked me the question, “Which is better…the journey or this destination?”… I would say neither... it is the company.

You have kept us company on our way to the place we are today and that has made all the difference. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Miss Susan

Camp Mom

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