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Packing List for Camp

Label clothes with first inital and last name. Everything your child brings will most likely get dirty. Remember your child will have to carry what they bring. ITEMS CAN GET LOST IF NOT LABELED!


What to Pack:

  • Medications* see special instructions below

  • Sleeping bag/sheets/blankets and pillow  

  • Bible, notebook, pen/pencil

  • Old clothes

  • Warm sweatshirt/fleece

  • Sweat pants

  • Pajamas

  • Rain poncho/jacket

  • Sneakers (one pair to wear/ and one closed toe pair of shoes to get wet/dirty)

  • Flip flops/sandals

  • Extra socks and underwear

  • Swimsuit (GIRLS: 1 piece or tankini; BOYS trunks) 

  • Towels for both pool & shower

  • Small backpack/bag

  • Store money (snacks/t-shirts sold)

  • Flashlight w/extra batteries 

  • Garbage bag for laundry

  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.)



DO NOT Bring:

  • ELECTRONICS (Phone, iPad, video games, tablet etc.)

  • WEAPONS (knife, any blade, lighter, gun, etc)

  • PETS (no smuggling anything home either!)

  • ALCOHOL/TOBACCO (including vapes, e-cigarettes, and juuls)

  • PRESCRIPTION OR NON-PRESCRIPTION DRUGS (except what is turned in to the camp nurse)


  • SNACKS (food in cabins attract ants, mice or even larger animals!)


All prohibited items will be confiscated if brought onto camp grounds!


Must be turned in to camp nurse when your child arrives at camp.

All medication bottles must be together in a plastic baggie, labeled with your child’s name.

We can only accept medications in the original pharmacy dispensed bottles with the child’s name, exact dosage, pharmacy, and prescribing doctor info on it.

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