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Camp Activities

There is no shortage of new and  fun things to do at Pine Valley!



During the summer local horses come to live at the camp to be enjoyed by our campers. Ride the horse, or just try your hand at grooming - its sure to be an exciting first experience for many campers! A trained horse wrangler will always be walking along side and leading. 


Pedal Carts

Enjoy racing your friends around our big dirt track on the pedal carts or just happily pedal along enjoying the scenery.



Campers learn how to safely use a bow and arrow, whether they are left-handed or right handed. Once they know how they can enjoy shooting at the target all by themselves!



Learn all the skills of canoeing and have fun paddling around on the beautiful creek that runs right through our camp! 


Seriously Awesome Waterslide

Simply the best waterslide ever. 



Day or night, the pool is always a good time. Swimming tests are given at the beginning of camp, and lifeguards are on duty!

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