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A Typical Day at Camp

Typical day for KIDS Camp 
Wake Up

Rise and shine! At 7:45 a.m., it’s time to wake up and get ready for morning exercises!

Morning Exercise

We start every morning at camp with morning exercises. We gather together as a camp community to greet the day and each other with songs, easy simple exercises to wake up our bodies, and share an encouraging Bible verse to prepare us for the day!


Yum! Campers eat breakfast with their cabin mates and start the day anticipating all the fun they will have! 

Cabin Clean-up

Following breakfast, it’s time to head to your cabins and clean up! Cabin clean up is a fun way to encourage campers to clean up their space and instill values like cleanliness, neatness and responsibility. At the end of the week, the cabin that has kept their cabin the cleanest and neatest gets a special prize!

Life Lessons

Life Lessons is a 45-minute period where our leaders teach the kids valuable lessons from the Bible. We simply don’t just teach the whole time, we make it engaging with games, competition, and most importantly FUN!

Cabin Rotation 1

The first cabin rotations begin. Each cabin has a selected activity for the day that they enjoy together. We have activities like swimming pool, archery, horses, bikes, swimming lessons, waterslide, pedal carts, climbing wall, basketball, GaGa ball, 9 square, trampoline, canoes, and many more!

Cabin Rotation 2

RING! RING! RING! When you hear the campus-wide bell, it means it’s time to go to your second cabin rotation! 


Time for lunch! Lunch time is a favorite here at Pine Valley Camp. During lunch, our dining hall is full of energy, singing, laughter, great conversations and more FUN! 

Rest Hour

After lunch, the campers head to their cabin for rest hour. This is a time to get some rest before the second half of the day!

Cabin Rotation 3

After rest hour, the cabins go to their third cabin activity.

Free Time

FREE TIME! THE TWO BEST WORDS AT CAMP! Every camper looks forward to free time! Free time is from 3-5 p.m. each day. During this time, the campers can choose whatever activity they want to do (of course with staff presence and supervision!).

ALL Camp Activity 

At 5 p.m. we do a campus-wide game before dinner!


At 6 p.m., we all gather for dinner! Dinner is full of great conversations and yummy food!

Shower time!

After dinner, campers get about 45 minutes to shower and get cleaned up.


Campers love snack time! Snack time provides the opportunity to reflect on the day and have good conversations, and REALLY delicious snacks!


At 7:45 p.m. the campers head to our chapel time. You do not want to miss chapel time at Pine Valley Camp! Chapel time is full of singing and dancing and great speakers that teach from the Bible! 

Cabin Devotions

After changing into their pajamas and brushing their teeth, campers have time to reflect on the chapel talk and what they learned. Our counselors do a great job teaching them more about the Bible and what Jesus did for them!

Lights out

After a long day of camp, it’s time to get some sleep and get ready for another day full of FUN!

Typical day for TEEN camp
Wake up

Rise and shine at 7:45am and line up for breakfast!



Enjoy a yummy breakfast meal!



After breakfast, we head into morning devotion time. We teach our teens what a personal devotion time with the Lord looks like and then spend about 30 minutes in personal time with God.


Cabin Clean up

Before we move on for the day, campers take the time to learn to be responsible for their belongings and take care of their personal space by working together to clean their cabin.


Morning and Afternoon Activities/Adventures

In teen camp we go on some offsite trips into God's creation which may include hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, or other adventures! You can expect to be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually.



After doing an activity or adventure we will either eat lunch at camp or pack a sandwich for an offsite trip.


Afternoon Activities/Adventures

In the afternoon we will do another activity, game or adventure. We also do some challenging initiatives that help build teamwork, communication and bond the teen campers. We also spend time in the pool and enjoy water activities!


Evening activity

At 5 p.m., after a fun day of adventures and activities, we typically join the Kids campers for an all camp game before we head to dinner.



We all gather together for family dinner at 6 p.m. and reflect on the day together as we enjoy a hot meal.



Before we head to Chapel, campers take time to shower to clean up from the day.



Campers enjoy a snack together and have good conversations reflecting on the day.



In the evenings we slow down to hear a lesson about God based on the theme from the week. We join kids camp to sing worship songs and then head to our own Bible study/lesson to dig into God's word.


Evening Cabin Fire Devotions

After Club, the cabin groups go to a campfire most nights and talk about what they learned, share their testimonies, and get to know each other better.


Lights Out

After a long fun-filled day it is time to head to bed to get some much needed rest!

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