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Staff Testimonials

Pine Valley has been such a powerful place in my life. Not only the place, but the people, and the God Who’s presence is felt the moment you turn down the lane. I have been through the program as a camper and I now serve on the summer leadership team. I remember as a camper how much love everyone at Pine Valley had for each other; it was refreshing. They simply just had fun. On top of that, they loved Jesus. I think seeing their fun side, them not being afraid to be goofy with us campers, reflected their core values “Faith, Family, Fun." Because of the obedience of the staff, I’ve been able to see God more. In addition, since working on staff, I’ve been able to not only return the gift of faith, family and fun to the new generation of campers, but I’ve also been able to dive deeper into my on faith at Pine Valley. 

-Girl Counselor

At just 14 I fell in love with this little camp I call my second home. It’s taught me the importance of community, vulnerability, and serving. Even now, at 21, I am encouraged when remembering the child-like faith of the campers and it reminds me daily to run to the Lord, even with the silly little things.

It’s the place where I truly learned who God is, it’s the place I feel at peace, it’s the place where we shed tears, happy and sad, it’s the muddy creek behind the playground that I got baptized in. I can’t put into words how much of an impact it has had on my life. 

-Girl Counselor

Pine Valley has been such a moving experience for me during the summer of 2022! Little did I know how much my life would be affected by all the kids and crazy fun that we had! I loved having fun with the campers, but I also loved getting intentional and diving deeper into God’s word with them. To see kids dig into a relationship with a Heavenly Father, it’s just something that I can’t help but want! It’s truly a life changing experience!

-Guy Counselor

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