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What our campers are saying...

About the Counselors

They have your back and love you and will keep you safe.

No matter what they are always here and and they are silly and fun!

I like that they talk to you about serious things.

They are fun to be around and not awkward like school teachers.

They like to make us feel welcome.

Do you want to come back?

Yes! It's the funnest place in the world and there are lots of nice people.

I do because it's fun and there are really nice people here.

I want to come back to camp because you get to pray.

Yes, because if I haven't been studying Jesus as much as I should have I can remind myself. 

What did you do at camp?

I got to do archery which I have been dying to do!

I learned how to swim.

I went down the long water slide!

Rock climbing, canoeing and riding horses.

I got to groom a horse for the first time ever.

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