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Before you call, check to see if the answer to your question can be found here.
Q. My child doesn’t swim, so I’m not sure I want them to go to the pool.

A. The pools have a shallow end. Your child will not be allowed to go out of the shallow end without taking a swim test. Our staff is by the shallow end to ensure they stay in their designated area. We have staff in the pool and standing on the deck to ensure the safety of the children.

Q. Are the children put into age groups or are they all one big group?

A. The children are put into groups by their age. There are two staff responsible for each group. There are times they are not in groups but for certain activities groups are safer for the children.

Q. How do you determine which cabins the kids are assigned to?

A. We put children into gender-specific cabins by age. We cannot guarantee friends or siblings will be in the same cabin. Our cabin sizes depend on how many campers are registered for the week.

Q. Why can’t I call and talk to my child?

A. We encourage parents to write a letter or email to their child. Pulling a child out of the program to call home can easily make a child homesick and disrupt the program. Parents can call the office in case of an emergency at home. Parents will be contacted in case of an emergency at camp.

Q. Lost & Found

A. parents are encouraged to label clothing, towels, and toiletries. Campers are walked through the Lost & Found each day. Pine Valley cannot guarantee all items will be returned to each camper at the end of the week. Please walk through the Lost & Found with your child when you arrive to pick them up.

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